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Do you have difficulty discerning your boundaries?

Are you stuck in negative thinking?

Overwhelmed by your emotions or shut down?


We become disconnected from our body as a result of trauma. Disconnecting is a defense mechanism that protects you, but keeps you feeling lost and unsure of yourself.


In Embodied, Vicky shares practices that helped her overcome her traumas, negative body image, and low self-worth.


Take a transformational journey of self-discovery with your body. In Embodied, you’ll learn how to:


  • Become self-aware, mindful, and present

  • Discover your body’s sensations

  • Connect with your intuition and Higher Self


It’s Time to Connect to Your Body, Ignite Your Intuition, and Harness Universal Energy—Today!

Praise for Embodied

“Embodied absolutely covers the whole body—spiritual, emotional, physical for healing trauma. Vicky’s choice of exercises and fluid writing style invite the reader on a healing journey of embodiment that can be visited many times. Embodied will remain on your book shelf under “healing trauma” forever. It is cutting edge writing with a complete healing plan which you can refer to and embody always. My thanks to Vicky!”


—Myrtle Heery, PhD, author of Unearthing the Moment and Awakening to Aging, and director and psychological

    trainer at the International Institute for Humanistic Studies,


“Vicky Roubekas has written an intelligent and very accessible treatise on trauma: its origins, manifestations, survival mechanisms and treatments. She weaves through a feminine lens, a deeply moving memoir of her own journey accompanied by cultural commentary and up-to-date science. I will recommend Embodied to students and clients.”


—Lisa Herman, PhD, MFT, REAT, independent scholar, writer, actor.


“Vicky provides a unique holistic approach to trauma and becoming re-connected to our bodies. Shamanism and energy work meet modern psychology in this comprehensive healing plan. From setting healthy boundaries to identifying limiting beliefs, Vicky walks us through the empowering healing process of how to live a more authentic life and truly become EMBODIED.”


—Stephanie Hrehirchuk, author of Householder Yogini: Practices & Journaling Exercises for Women who Live at the

    Intersection of Spirituality & Family.


“Embodied presents a comprehensive and holistic vision to healing trauma and reconnecting with ourselves. From dealing with thoughts and emotions to setting boundaries and connecting with spirit, this book has all the components we need to journey on the path towards wholeness.”


—Ling Lam, PhD, Lecturer in Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University.


“Embodied takes you on a journey of profound self-discovery—healing hearts, resolving old traumas and transforming negative beliefs that prevent you from being (or even seeing) who you really are. Only then can you reconnect with your true self to live deeply, love fully and embody your uniqueness.”


—Olga Sheean, mastery coach and author of The Alphabet of Powerful Existence.


“When walking through the steps Vicky took in her life to become embodied, it is easy to reflect and question the way one has approached their own life. Each chapter takes you on a mental, emotional, and spiritual journey. You can pick and choose exercises to deal with aspects of yourself that you may find challenging, which often awakens a lost and forgotten trauma out of the depths of one’s memory. It’s the kind of book you can come back to over and over, when things are not going right in your life—each time taking the reader to the next level of reflection and discovery, then ultimately becoming embodied.”


—Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades, editor, writer, Reiki master, and herbalist,

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