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30-Day Blog Impressions

Wow, I can’t believe today is the last day of my 30-day blog. I know some days I was counting down how many more I had to write, but here I am on the last day.

So, what did I learn about this experience?

First, it was very interesting to me to see the synchronicities that were happening in my life that brought out the post for the day. I noticed how not only myself, but my clients and friends were going through similar experiences. On those days it was a no brainer to bring up those topics in my daily post. Nothing to me is ever just chance. It is an opportunity to be mindful and that the Universe is telling you to pay attention to something important.

Second, I was quite shocked by my own healing that needed to take place starting on the solar eclipse and full moon on October 25th and culminating to the end of November. I felt emotionally battered this past month. People were coming into my life that were triggering me and forcing me to do my personal work, which provided much needed insight, release, and healing. I’m still feeling emotionally drained and changed. There are people I don’t want to see. There are people I am seeing with new eyes and awareness. It is a challenging, but rewarding time. If you can heal from your past and let go of the things that are no longer serving you, you are growing and transforming.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Third, I never thought I’d ever write a post about sexually pleasuring yourself, but I thought it was an important topic. It ended up being the most viewed of my posts. Second viewed was how to love our body and third viewed was sexual intimacy with a loving partner. So, what this tells me is that people are longing for some insight, dialogue, and support around their body and sexual intimacy. I’m not surprised seeing as we live in a society where we are still sexually repressed and have a lot of hang ups about being sexually free.

Fourth, was something I never expected. I was contacted by the amazingly talented, Carrie Scollon, who hosts the FoundHER TV Series to do a segment on helping women to connect with body and their sexuality, which will be recorded on March 1, 2023. Keep an eye for its release. From our initial conversation and connection, Carrie felt called to create a summit to bring together speakers to bring some much needed information to the women of Calgary. Carrie, myself, and three other fabulous speakers are putting together the Elevate Summit this January 28, 2023. It will be a full-day interactive event and I hope to see you all there.

Overall, I think the 30-day blog was a success. I learned a lot about myself. I healed a lot of things that needed to be released. I created a new connection and business opportunity. And, I reconnected to something that I love to do, which is write.

I hope you found this series helpful and insightful.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Find out more about how to connect to your body in the multi-award-winning book Embodied: How to Connect to Your Body, Ignite Your Intuition, and Harness Universal Energy for Healing.

With Blessings,

Vicky xo

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