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Connecting to Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Many people struggle with feeling alone and that they have no support from anyone around them. If we don’t have good people we can count on to go over the things that are troubling us, it can feel like a heavy burden to carry. We need validation, support, love, caring, and compassion in our lives to help us see what we are going through and to help us tap into our own intuition to solve our problems.

First, I want to reiterate that you are truly not alone. We are all interconnected on this earth to all living things and matter, to the great cosmos, and God consciousness. If you aren’t tapped into that energy because you haven’t accessed your higher states of consciousness in 4D and 5D, then this can be wonderful to know, but not helpful when you are stuck and suffering.

All humans have guardian angels, spirit guides, and totem animals that you can access for knowledge, support, and help. They are here to lovingly guide and support us, but with one caveat, we have to ask them to help and to provide us with messages. Because we chose to come to earth to learn lessons in our soul’s evolution, our angels and guides cannot interfere without our consent.

Many of you may already feel connected to your angels, guides, and totem animals, but forget to access them when you are struggling. Speak to them daily. Ask them to provide you with messages about what you are unsure of or need help with. Once you ask for help, they are so excited because they really want to be of service to you in support of your journey. They love you so fiercely and are constantly encouraging you and singing your praises daily.

Here are some other ways to connect with your angels, spirit guides, and totem animals:

Sit in meditation with the intention to call them in. Sit quietly, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and release any tension on the exhale. In your mind, speak your intention to be in dialogue with your guardian angel(s) or spirit guides. If you are visual, you may see them. Notice what they wearing and how they look. You may just sense their presence or hear them speak. Ask them what their name is. Ask them if they having any messages to impart to you today about an issue you are facing. Trust whatever messages come up as the truth. It typically doesn’t sound like your voice or the words you would use yourself.

You can journey to find your spirit or totem animal(s). Find a guided meditation on YouTube that you feel drawn to. Trust whatever shows up. Read up on the meaning of your totem animals through books or searching online. Watch out for animals of all kinds, not just your totem animal to provide you with messages. Notice what the animal is doing when you are drawn to it or come across it in your day. Read up on what messages the animal is imparting to you. I like Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer.

You can channel messages through writing. Write down your question at the top of the page. Again sit mindfully and close your eyes to connect meditatively. You can keep your eyes open or closed after tapping in and write whatever words come to you. The words will likely not be written as you normally speak. They should only be loving and supportive messages. If they are not, you have attracted a dark energy. If this is the case, break the meditative connection immediately and smudge yourself and the room.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels

The easiest way I like to connect with my angels and spirit guides is through card decks. I have many angel decks and some tarot decks. You can shuffle up the cards, ask a question, and choose as many cards as you feel drawn too. I intuitively pick the cards by thumbing through the deck until I get to the right card. Some people like to fan them out and wave their hand over top to feel energetically which card(s) to pull. Others shuffle then cut the deck and chose the card(s) from the top. There is no right way. Find your way and stick with it. You will intuitively know if the message from the card is right for you.

I hope you engage your angels, spirit guides, and totem animals. The more you do, the more connected they feel to you, and the more easily you will see, hear, and feel the messages they are imparting.

Find out more about tapping into the mystical and connecting with your body in the multi-award-winning book Embodied: How to Connect to Your Body, Ignite Your Intuition, and Harness Universal Energy for Healing.

With Blessings,

Vicky xo

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