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Your Soul's Awakening

There are a lot of intense energies going around these days. Not only from what is going on for the collective – the world – but for each individual human being. We are really being called to do our work right now. What does that mean? It means dealing with your emotions, triggers, unhealthy behaviors, limiting beliefs, and traumas.

If you haven’t already experienced it, then you likely will. It will feel like you are being tossed in a washing machine and it’s putting you through the ringer. When I say we are being called to do our work, I mean the organizing principle of Mother Earth and the Universe at large is ramping up its energy and shifting to higher levels of consciousness. This is known as ascension.

We currently live in a 3D reality, which keeps us stuck in the physical world leaving little room for spiritual awakening. The 3D reality focuses on fear, pain, suffering, lack, survival, jealousy, sexuality, personality, and competition.

Often a crisis or challenge will wake us up to a consciousness that is beyond our human body experience. This is when you enter into a 4D experience and start to seek a spiritual path. There is a strong desire to follow your passions and find your purpose. There is a focus on diet, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle. You become more attuned your body, and how your actions affect others and your environment. When you are in 4D, you still physically live in 3D, but your focus is on service, sharing, love, and compassion. You also start to connect to the power of your mind and your soul’s existence. You now have the ability to attract and create what you desire rapidly. For many people they just think about what they want and they manifest it easily and quickly.

Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels

Once you enter into a 5D consciousness, it is difficult to return to 3D. When you enter into 5D you have a deep compassion for all living things. You realize that every living thing is interconnected. There is no difference between me, you, a rock, the sun, the stars, etc. Everything you experience has a higher purpose and meaning. Love, compassion, and connectedness are central to daily living. You are able to living authentically, speak your truth, and live with joy. You accept others as equals and see they are on their own journey. Your intuition is strong and you are connected to angelic beings and guides.

How can you support your soul’s ascension to higher states of consciousness? Increase mindfulness and meditation daily. Work through your emotions, triggers, unhealthy behaviors, limiting beliefs, and traumas, so they no longer keep you stuck in a 3D existence. You can do this by journalling, energy work, counselling, feeling your emotions and releasing them, challenging thoughts, shifting your mindset, connecting to your body and supporting your body to return to calm states of being.

Find out more about limiting beliefs, trauma, energy, and spirituality in the multi-award-winning book Embodied: How to Connect to Your Body, Ignite Your Intuition, and Harness Universal Energy for Healing.

With Blessings,

Vicky xo

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